Our Munich Parkstadt Schwabing location isn’t in the centre of the city, but it’s at the centre of business. At a convenient out of town location, you’ll find an entire site that was purpose-built to become Munich’s central business district (CBD), away from the more traditional manufacturing and publishing firms that the city is known for.
Today, it’s home to some of the world’s biggest corporations from finance, technology – and a healthy number of smaller ones, too. On site, there’s everything from a shopping centre to kindergarten and hotels, so you can work, rest, and play in one place. And because the centre is strategically placed between Munich city and Munich International Airport, getting around is as easy as a quick trip on the U-Bahn or a short drive along the A9.

München, Parkstadt Schwabing

Marcel-Breuer-Straße 15
1. Etage
80807 München

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