In a dedicated business park location just outside Leipzig, you’ll find our Arcus Park centre. It’s a convenient site that gives modern businesses everything they need, from parking to an on-site café and sandwich bar. So you can spend more of your time on your work, and less of it trying to get to the centre or nearby amenities. In the business park, you’ll find a rich variety of other businesses, from the automobile manufacturers and logistics companies that Leipzig is known for to modern upstarts in software and technology. And if you need to get together with other professionals in Leipzig, the city is just 18 minutes away by car and easily accessible by rail. Leipzig Arcus Park is a complete business destination that gives you a professional out of town presence without compromising on access to Leipzig and the rest of Germany.

Leipzig, Arcus Park

Torgauer Straße 231-233
04347 Leipzig

Tel:+49 (0) 34 127 101 00Fax:+49 (0) 34 127 102 00